Webinar – What Charities are Saying That Businesses Need to Hear

It was great to host an online discussion based on the “2020 Business and Charity Relationships Report”  –  looking at how to improve the quality of relationships between businesses and community (with a focus on employee volunteer initiatives). Panel: Michelle Kitney – CEO olunteering NZJohanna Hattingh – Genesis EnergySarah Woollard – CEO Anxiety NZMichael Hiltoin – Director Three …

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A Letter

A letter to ‘for-high-impact’​ community groups

You are often referred to as ‘not-for-profit’ organisations but I prefer a friend’s description of ‘for-high-impact’ organisations (thank you @Kerry Topp).

I’m aware our most vulnerable members of society will be struggling the most right now. I wanted to reach out and a) see how you were doing but also b) hear from you on what you and your team are noticing.

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Join the Dots

Let’s talk about the concept of ‘connection’ and the opportunity for organisations to get better at connecting with their communities – in order to (genuinely) fulfil sustainability intentions, remain competitive, provide a sense of purpose….. let alone do the right thing.

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I’m just the finance guy

At the moment I’m getting lots of “what is it that you actually do?” and on reflection, the best way to answer, is with a story. Some will hear leadership development, some will hear corporate social responsibility, essentially I’m talking about sustainable business.

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We’re on the hunt for a Junior Project Manager – someone who is ready to break into a role that will give them good levels of responsibility in the space between businesses and charities, providing them with a great development opportunity at the same time.