Business and Charity Relationships Report 2020


What would charities say about their relationships with businesses if they could be totally honest…? Well you need wonder no longer. The Three Hands UK team surveyed over 200 charities from across the UK, providing rich insight into how they are working with businesses and what could make these relationships even better.


The report reveals that 6 in 10 charities believe that businesses put their own needs first in relationships and 76% say that businesses do not have a good understanding of what it takes for charities to manage employee volunteers.

These findings come at an important time, with businesses seeking to ensure their efforts in communities are as relevant and valuable as possible in response to coronavirus. To support this, the report is packed full of key takeaways for businesses, including:


  • The importance of engaging with smaller, local charities (not just the big players) and doing so in a way that doesn’t stretch their limited resources further;
  • How to be driven by charities’ needs (not employee preferences) when designing volunteering programmes, whether these take place online or in person; and
  • The largely untapped potential for charities to provide insight into how companies can better serve those who are vulnerable in society.

The report itself is available here for you to download for free. It’s important for us to know who is reading the report, hence we ask for your name, email address and organisation.

On Tuesday 29 September at 10am NZT we will be running a virtual panel discussion for our NZ audience. Join us to hear how businesses can re-think their volunteering programmes and drive better business outcomes and social outcomes for everyone.

Our Panel includes Michelle Kitney – CEO,  Volunteering NZ
Jo Hattingh – Learning Developer and Community Partnerships, Genesis
Sarah Woollard – CEO, Anxiety NZ
Michael Hilton – Director, Three Hands UK

Sign up here for what will surely be one hour of worthwhile, practical insights.