Leadership development – at the centre of purpose, capability and positive social impact.


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We care about creating business value and social value hand in hand.

Our priority is growing leadership capability for purposeful business.

Society’s expectations of businesses have never been higher – and the opportunity for businesses to positively contribute to society, never greater.

We believe leaders at all levels need to be connected if their organisations are to thrive.

At Three Hands this means leaders are connected to themselves and their impact on others, to a compelling organisational purpose and to the social and environmental issues that could make – or break – their businesses.

Connected Leaders – Purposeful Business

Connected Leaders - Purposeful Business Model

The Connected Leaders model underpins our approach, which goes beyond the conventional and enables participants to act outside their usual setting to become more aware – of self, others and society.

Our leadership development programmes focus on a practical experience, immersing leaders into important societal themes while also contributing to community. Thus creating a meaningful context for leaders to practise and apply what they are learning.

We Offer:

  • ‘Plug-in’ experiences that fit alongside your existing programmes, or
  • Full programmes with an experiential project as the central feature.
  • Connected Leadership workshops focusing on Resilience & Mindset, Coaching & Collaboration and Authentic leadership.
  • Talent strategy, organisational design and leadership coaching. Using our ‘connected leadership‘ approach, we help you connect people and culture plans with purpose and performance.

All of our work is offered with personal and team profiling,  360 feedback and 1-1 coaching to embed learning and action insights.

Case Studies

Leadership Excellence Programme

Charity strategy projects to stretch future business leaders

When you bring leadership skills and expertise to the fore in a different sector and an unfamiliar context, two-way learning of great benefit to both sides results.

Accelerated Leadership Programme

A module on leading change

The Accelerated Leadership Programme (ALP) is an advanced development initiative that aims to create emotionally intelligent, agile leaders at Network Rail.

Leadership Programme

Leadership, collaboration and fuel poverty

This module of the British Gas Residential Services Leaders Programme was designed to enable leaders to deepen their perspectives on key external issues, complex environments and collaborative working.