Webinar – What Charities are Saying That Businesses Need to Hear

It was great to host an online discussion based on the “2020 Business and Charity Relationships Report”  –  looking at how to improve the quality of relationships between businesses and community (with a focus on employee volunteer initiatives).
Michelle Kitney – CEO olunteering NZ
Johanna Hattingh – Genesis Energy
Sarah Woollard – CEO Anxiety NZ
Michael Hiltoin – Director Three Hands UK


A recording of the webinar is available below.


Key Points:
1) Business offers V Charity needs – it’s surprising to learn what would really make a difference, what might feel small and easy to a business could be a game-changer for the charity – businesses just need to ask. Let’s move away from charities hosting team-away days towards deeper more meaningful shared benefits.
 2) Small Charities are out there in their thousands – a barrier in itself. Use the Volunteering NZ website as a start point to find different and small charities – challenge your business to find a small charity aligned to your values and purpose. Opportunities await for greater impact for the charity and greater meaning for you /your volunteers /your business.
3) Community partnerships don’t have to be limited to volunteering  – Partnerships can include collaboration, shared learning, skill sharing  -what we call Social Insight. There’s a lot of expertise and insight that lie within the charities dealing at the forefront of social issues relevant to you and your business – directly supporting customer experience, product innovation and strategy.
A note about skilled volunteering: We specialise in combining skilled volunteering with leadership development, culture and values programmes. This creates opportunities for meaningful volunteering, meaningful learning and some great internal collaboration (including budget savings!).