A letter to ‘for-high-impact’​ community groups

A Letter

Dear Anyone who works for greater community wellbeing,

You are often referred to as ‘not-for-profit’ organisations but I prefer a friend’s description of ‘for-high-impact’ organisations (thank you @Kerry Topp).

I’m aware our most vulnerable members of society will be struggling the most right now. I wanted to reach out and a) see how you were doing but also b) hear from you on what you and your team are noticing.

– How are your beneficiaries? What are you noticing?

– What do your beneficiaries need more of or less of through (and beyond) Covid-19?

– With your support and services perhaps less available, or available through different ways and means, how is your team adjusting? What are you and your team thinking about? What has been pushed down the priority list?

– What do you and your team need more of or less of through (and beyond) Covid-19?

Your unique role in community gives us truer insight into how our vulnerable members are doing. I’m working on ways of sharing those insights with organisations wanting to pivot their social agenda – and help people today through and beyond Covid-19.

PC (pre-covid19), the core of what Three Hands NZ did (and our UK owners) involved connecting (deeply immersing) leaders with important societal issues, to help them think differently about the way they lead personally and the way their company leads. This included how they might innovate around their services and products for vulnerable customers. The power of our programmes came from connecting leaders with different parts of society, interaction, new relationships, listening, giving, learning exchange and insights.

Now, obviously, most of those differentiators are no longer possible! BUT some still are: new relationships, new learnings, listening, new insights and giving.

Making the most of your social insight might really help curious organisations adapt their social agenda for collective wellbeing.

So. I’d love to hear from you either through email or zoom chat – let me know what’s on your mind. I’m collating some themes and ideas to take to our corporate friends who are wanting to explore and ramp up their social agenda in our current world.

I don’t know what this could lead to but I do know there is an appetite to support our communities collectively.

I’d love to hear from you – regarding any aspect of this 🙂 Please message and let’s collaborate.